About Us

Building Artists Relationships that Last a Lifetime

Indigo Arts Alliance embodies a multiracial approach to the rich intersections of citizenship, community-building, and creativity. Our work is in service to shifting historical injustices as a vital component of achieving equity for Black and Brown artists. We believe that artists are instrumental to doing the work of social justice in ways that are deeply grounded in lived experience and community.

At the heart of Indigo Arts Alliance’s mission are our Artist in Residency programs, which provide Black and Brown artists an environment for the production of artwork in all media across various disciplines.

Our Residency aims to connect Black and Brown artists from across the globe to local artists of African descent. We activate our mission by creating opportunities for critical feedback, relationship building and increased awareness of creative opportunities and resources.

Our History

Where We Started

It all started when our co-founders Daniel and Marcia Minter met thirty four years ago. The two shared a dream to one day create a space where artists of color could not only create work but be inspired by one another, share stories and build a global network that functioned as a support system across distances.

We fully embody a spirit of independence to express our whole selves while honoring the ethics, values, aesthetics, traditions and concerns of Black and Brown people.

Our Team

IAA’s impact is made possible by committed professionals across business sectors hailing from local, national and international locales.

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Our Model

Our unique residency model connects Black and Brown artists, providing the space and resources necessary to support a diverse array of artistic practices.

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Getting involved

Community is Everything

There are a variety of ways you can work with us to make an impact on our community. From joining our team to attending our events, everything you can do makes a difference.

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Indigo Arts Alliance relies on your support to elevate Black and Brown artists who are courageously committed to expressing their creativity. The impact of your donation is profound, and will make a huge difference in helping us grow our artist residency and seminars.