Intrinsic to IAA’s guiding principles is a commitment to community-building. IAA is an engaged member of both the global Black arts community and the local community of Portland, Maine. In the heart of Portland we have built a home, an audience, and a springboard for our efforts. The local and international partnerships we are building along the path to fulfilling our mission provide the strength that comes of many hands and many voices working toward a common goal. We could not be more grateful to those who have supported us with resources, recognition, collaboration, and teamwork and IAA is proud to be aligned with the excellent work of these businesses and organizations.

Corporate Alliance Philosophy

Corporate Alliance is a selective program. IAA is a small, young, grassroots organization nevertheless having a tremendous impact. Our energy and resources are narrowly focused on supporting our mission through programming – IAA’s marketing efforts must reflect only our highest vision; our relationships must be true collaborations. As a Black-led organization accountable to the Black and Brown artists whose voices and whose work are at the core of our mission, it is critical IAA remains a safe space, with full creative freedom and independence in our decision-making. Our Corporate Allies are companies with which we are proud to affiliate our brand and our mission, who share our values, use their influence and resources to better our communities, and who work side-by-side with us as we do the important work of promoting social justice through the arts.

Corporate Alliance Criteria

The ways in which a business demonstrates an alignment with IAA’s mission include:

  • An established commitment to supporting the community, as evidenced through corporate messaging, sponsorship, and philanthropic giving. 
  • A reputation for abiding by ethical standards as demonstrated by public recognition and internal accountability.
  • A corporate culture that supports the movement for Black lives and demonstrates a commitment to anti-racism through a solidarity statement and sustainable tangible actions toward racial equity.
  • Corporate policies that include opportunities to amplify the voices of Black and Brown artists and leaders.

Ways to Get Involved

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropic support in any amount is graciously appreciated and recognized accordingly on our website and print materials.

Corporate Philanthropists:

  • Bangor Savings Bank
  • Bernstein Shur
  • Black Public Media
  • CPort Credit Union
  • Home Depot
  • Maine Ad + Design
  • Portland Chamber Music Festival
  • Portland Downtown
  • Print: A Bookstore
  • Rosemont Market
  • Running With Scissors
  • The Bar Association
  • The Francis LLC
  • The Tile Shop Inc.
  • Urban Farm Fermentory
  • Wright Ryan
  • Whoville Studios

Advocacy Fundraising

Point-of-purchase contributions, the sale of specially branded products, and discounts provided as incentive for donations to IAA are some of the possibilities available. IAA requires approval on all language and use of the IAA logo prior to distribution and will co-promote such campaigns through our social media and other channels as appropriate.

See it in action:

Angela Adams, Instagram Takeover

Deans Sweets

Fogtown Brewing Co., Tension and Growth Beer

Hannaford Supermarkets

Sea Bags LLC

The Francis Hotel + Tandem Coffee Roasters

Three of Strong LLC

Event Sponsorship

IAA presents community outreach events to share the work of artists exploring themes of social justice and the African Diaspora which draw substantial and diverse audiences – both online and in-person. Businesses who provide goods, services, or financial support toward these specific programs, will receive a suitable level of visibility and recognition.

See what’s possible:

Beautiful Blackbird Children’s Book Festival

Freedom & Captivity Project

ReMapping New England

The Griot Project

Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership is the premiere level of alliance with IAA. It requires a willingness to commit to or work toward a minimum 3-year commitment. This level of alliance ensures the sustainability of IAA and our mission, including the AIR and Internship programs and the mentorships central to them. We rely on our partnerships to support our advocacy work on behalf of Black and Brown artists and our community. All partnerships, and their visibility and benefits, are unique and highly customized.

Meet our Partners:

Outcomes of Corporate Alliances

IAA seeks alliances and partnerships that will have a profound benefit for both organizations. Our Corporate Alliance Program participants will contribute to the health and sustainability of Indigo Arts Alliance, allowing us to continue on our rapid trajectory. And our Corporate Allies benefit through:

Making an Impact

A healthier community for their customers and staff that celebrates racial equity, includes a space for Black and Brown voices, and one that promotes the creation of artwork that tells the stories from which our society will be strengthened.

Inspiring Others

The ability to increase the visibility of IAA’s work and of our artists among new audiences, to promote their partnership with IAA through their own channels, and opportunities for employees to volunteer at events and deepen their connection to IAA and our work.

Demonstrating Commitment

The opportunity to inhabit their stated values of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Together, we will work toward our mutual goal of building a more humane, inclusive, and just world.

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