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Empowering artists of color.

Indigo Arts Alliance maintains a practice of collaborating with peers in the community-engaged arts and culture field. We cultivate and celebrate art as a key resource for healthy communities, providing an affirming environment for creation of artwork in all media, and promoting engagement through events that bring artists’ & activists’ work into discourse on social justice, culture & community.

We have created IAA to engage the arts in the fight for just communities and to exemplify the necessity of Black-led arts organizations to amplify access for Black and Brown artistic and cultural expression. We believe in a future in which organizations like ours are advocates for underrepresented communities. Our goal is to elevate, support and share examples of intellectual dialog, artistic process and social practice activism. These principles sit at the core of our mission.

By engaging people from all walks of life in artistic, critical, and cultural experiences, we believe in the power of the Arts for reclaiming joy and celebrating the human spirit.

Indigo Arts Alliance chooses partnerships of any kind selectively.

We are a small, grassroots organization, nevertheless having a tremendous impact. Our energy and resources are narrowly focused on supporting our mission through programming and amplification of the artists we serve. All efforts must reflect only our highest vision; our relationships must be true collaborations.

As a Black-led organization accountable to the Black and Brown artists whose voices and whose work are at the core of our mission, it is critical IAA provides safe spaces, with full creative freedom. Our allies are people with which we are proud to affiliate our name and reputation, who share our values, use their influence and resources to better our communities, and who work side-by-side with us as we do the important work of promoting social justice through the arts.

Past and Current Partners

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